Guitar demo by Brito   

Guitar Demo by Javielo

Tap Broadcast modulating a Planetoid

 Guitar with Broadcast controlling the Exp Jack    



Planetoid : The sound of robots, the sound of the future, the sound of ring tones, Bells ringing, crystals crashing down and bouncing while they crash and crash again. Planetoid is a straight plug and play ringing machine, as soon as you step on it, two worlds will collide and battle for ultimate sonic domination. The filter shapes and smooth out the carrier frequency, tuning the filter to the carrier freq gives sorta of twilight zone or set the carrier above the filter and get more subtle tones. Mix works like a intensity that will range from clean ring mod tones to disrupted ring mod tones. There's a gate that will cut the carrier freq when you aren't playing that you can set  the release time via the unlabeled knob and even get into weird tremolo territory setting the toggle to the right. Want more fun plug a expression pedal to sweep manually the carrier freq or plug a broadcast for full robot, telephone tones.

Planetoid is only powered via a 9v DC adapter (center negative as most pedals - boss, digitech, etc) there are no space inside for 9v battery.


  • Dimensions 4 5/8" x 2 1/2" x 2".
  • Built in internal gate for no carrier signal when you aren't playing.
  • Freq, Filter, Mix (intensity) and Volume control.
  • Expression Jack for external control of the Freq via an 10k-50k expresion pedal.
  • Powered only by DC 9v power Jack (center negative) no batteries.
  • Jacks on top to save pedalboard space
  • TrueBypass Switching and Led Indicator.
  • Lifetime warranty

 Copilot Fx planetoid ring modulator pedal