Copilot FX Molecule

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Prototype with guitar  keyboard pt2


Molecule is a Frequency Related amplitude modulator with lots of control to satisfy your tweaking desires and get fresh, wild and crazy tones. The sound is like a choppy tremolo and a filter, the rate of the cut/choppyness is set by the frequency of the upcoming signal, lower notes produces some slow stuttery notes, while high notes get ultrafast stutter, plus there are 2 filter controls for maximun sonic pleasure, providing lots of control, flexibility and options for experimentation.

Also plugging a guitar is a lot of fun, specially if you use it to push your amp or stack with an overdrive pedal to get some awesome choppy riff or filtered techno leads for awesome tonage.

The molecule is a party pedal, highly recommend it for people who likes to create electronic grooves, electronica sounds, weird sounds, cool sounds, new sounds.


  • Dimensions 4 5/8" x 2 1/2" x 1 1/2".
  • Int, Filter I, Filter II, Master, Gain and Ctrl knobs.
  • Powered only by DC 9v power Jack (center negative) no batteries.
  • Jacks on top to save pedalboard space
  • TrueBypass Switching and Led Indicator.
  • Lifetime warranty


Molecule demo by TheWyrreJimes 

Signal chain was Fender Jazz Bass > Molecule > M-Audio FastTrack Pro > Garageband. I did not write down my settings... but you should be able to tell when I changed things up. Didn't really get into the momentary switch too much until the end (I found that I liked it most when the gain was already cranking things into the fuzzosphere), but it's clear to me that there are PLENTY of fun and crazy sounds to be had in this little box of crazy that Adam has cooked up for us.

 The momentary switch is  for the OSC mod, which is a custom option to send the filter section into oscillation in quick rhytmic burst, there's an extra knob on the side to fine tune the amount of oscillation (it can get loud), you could activate via a momentary footswitch or a exp jack to plug one of those keyboard sustainer pedals. For more info email me.